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Conscious Parenting is a Treasure

Conscious Parenting - Nataša Pantović Nuit

Deeply moving and inspiring. Book and course that changed my life, got me more focused and released some of my parenting troubles. The Conscious Parenting is full of exercises and parenting little tricks and tools, loaded with wisdom and practical knowledge. I am a practicing yogi and loving my 'green outlook to life', often feel as an alien within the world of technology gadgets and TV noise. Conscious Parenting came to me as a gift from an angel to confirm my life-choices and gave me strength in protecting my kids from the confusion this world offers. Conscious Parenting Course is about the parenting journey towards more conscious choices, towards more regular and rhythmic life-style, towards simplicity and creativity, towards spiritual and creative work work with kids. This book is a treasure and I love spending time in re-visiting its modules and exercises. Keeps us deeper connected as a family.